Strategic Assessment

CSI's 3-Day Strategic Assessment provides ownership a detailed review of each department in the business with detailed recommendations on revenue growth initiatives, costs efficiencies, management and governance structure and strategy. This is by far our most popular service (initially) since it provides ownership a detailed set of recommendations for a reasonable fee within a 30-day period.

Strategic Services

  • Strategic planning
  • Governance review and recommendations
  • Master planning (long range facilities plan)

Membership & Revenue Development

  • Development and sales plans
  • Revenue review and analysis
  • Membership/customer development, marketing and retention strategies
  • Sales management systems
  • Fcus groups and surveys


  • Management Services
  • Design and execute a 120-Day Turnaround Plan for struggling businesses
  • Consulting services available by operating department
  • Key personnel evaluation
  • Staffing levels, positions, job descriptions, and compensation parameters
  • Performance management systems 

Real Estate Development, Marketing, and Sales Services

  • Land Planning
  • Valuation of real estate (current and future development)
  • Assessment of a properties highest and best use
  • Evaluate re-development options and corresponding values
  • Real estate marketing and sales strategies
  • Design and Construction Planning
  • Real estate pro forma's
  • Provide member and lot owner surveys and focus groups

Development and Disposition Services

  • Equity conversions/turnovers
  • Transition planning and support
  • Divestiture planning and support
  • Operating pro-forma's
  • Board  and governance development
  • Revenue development
  • Membership development & retention 
  • Staffing levels, positions, job descriptions, and compensation parameters
  • Pre-opening and start-up plans for new projects