Top 10 Consultant by Golf Inc.

Top 10 Consultant by Golf Inc.

CSI is very proud to be listed as a Top 10 Consultant by Golf Inc. for 5th year in a row

Jim Riscigno and his partner, Kevin Stark, started Club Specialists in 2007 after working with ClubCorp for 30  years. Riscigno was executive vice president of ClubCorp when he left. Club Specialists focuses mainly on the Club and Golf industry but has diversified into other types of clubs as well, including equestrian, city, yacht, athletic and hunting clubs.

Riscigno said the key is to improve management so clubs can be more successful.

“We take a 360-degree view of the entire business and look at all the options for clubs to improve business, ranging from tennis to spas, to concessions, to human resources, to financial areas. Then we write a 60- to 125-page report that puts all the pieces together with very specific recommendations. Clients make their own choices. They can hire us to implement the changes, or do it themselves, or put the report on a shelf and never look at it again”

The firm doesn’t provide long term management for properties but can refer clubs to other specialists who can help. 

Riscigno sees the future of golf as being tied to the millennial generation. “Golf will have to adapt to that population group” he said. “It will happen, I’m sure.”


The Services offered by Club Specialists Intl., (CSI) will allow your real estate, resort, race track, restaurant, golf course, country club, golf club, city club, athletic club or yacht club the opportunity to have local, regional and national experience to assist management and the Ownership/Board/Managment with the business and development needs of your project. CSI is in a position to deliver services for your project providing the advantage of a professional management or consulting while retaining your individual control, standards, traditions, and culture.


The CSI TEAM of industry professionals brings over 150 years of collective experience in development, marketing and management to the hospitality industry; and  have collectively consulted with over 200 real estate, resorts, restaurants, race tracks, golf courses, gun clubs and private clubs over their careers in the industry.