Governor's Club

Governor's Club

Equity City Club, Established 1982 - Tallahassee, Florida


Significant operating and staffing problems creating Board involvement in club operations, member dissatisfaction and declining cash flow.


Conducted an in-depth club analysis and report for the Board that included:

  1. Complete club review and inspection
  2. Multi-year financial analysis
  3. Manager and department manager reviews
  4. Club staffing and payroll analysis
  5. Board, Member and management focus groups and surveys
  6. Governance review and analysis


  • Conducted a national search and hired a new certified Club Manager
  • Established a new departmentalized income statement reporting system
  • Redefined role of the Club Manager as COO level of responsibility
  • Facilitated the development of a strategic plan with re-defined Vision/Mission statements
  • Developed a written membership development and retention plan
  • Operations have improved and stabilized
  • Cash flow is steadily increasing
  • Developed revised Bylaws and House Rules including:
    • Strategic plan requirement
    • Written roles and responsibilities for Board, Committees and Manager
    • Resized Board with defined terms and officers
    • Established a performance management system for manager and staff