University Club of Tampa

University Club of Tampa

Equity City Club, Established 1946 - Tampa, Florida


Board of Governors needed to address significant member attrition and increasing club operating losses that were dramatically impacting the long-term viability of the club.


Conducted a 2-day Board Workshop designed to accomplish the following:

  1. Define the Roles and Responsibilities of the Board, Committees, and Club Management Team
  2. Establish a detailed 4-year Strategic Plan
  3. Develop a communication campaign for the Board to inform the members
  4. Stabilize the club operation
  5. Develop a detailed membership development plan to add 200 net members
  6. Implement CSI's standard operating procedures


  1. A Board of Governors that spoke with one voice
  2. Completed a strategic plan with re-defined Club Mission Statement
  3. Successful Member communication campaign about the plan
  4. A net increase of 220 Club Members resulting in a significant dues revenue increase
  5. Established a reserve fund required by the Club By-Laws
  6. Spent $100,000 on Club improvements from the increased cash flow